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Corporate Prostitute by day, Hobbyist Hack by night...when not hunched over a company laptop working on Project Plans and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, John F. Banas is hunched over his personal laptop working on his next novel and Capel Tunnel Syndrome. Like a Mailman going for a walk on his day off, Mr. Banas comes home at night and pounds away at what he hopes will be the next Great American Novel.

To escape this ‘Keyboard Kaptivity,’ John closes the laptop and opens his guitar case to spend a few hours imagining what might have been if he’d only been more serious about those three little chords and used them to write some good ol’ Rock & Roll – but a bad case of big hair and straining spandex is a far cry from the wonderful world of Fiction.

Happily, John is more serious about being a writer than rock star.


Society's Ills